​​MARCH 3, 2018

APRIL 14, 2018

SEPT 22, 2018

General Information

  • Gates Times will vary depending on time of year.
  • Run Order:  TOP/Box, MOD/No Box, Jr Dragster
  • Lane Assignments:  TOP/Box 1&2, MOD/No Box 3&4, Jr. Dragster 5&6
  • All classes will run 1/8th mile.
  • Box: Entry Fee – $75 / Buyback $35 – 4.00 to 7.99 dial-in, 1/8th mile. Delay boxes permitted.
  • No Box: Entry Fee – $60 / Buyback $25 – Transbrakes, air or electric shifters, two-steps, and line-locks PERMITTED. Delay boxes, throttle stops PROHIBITED. Delay Box MUST Be Out Of The Car.
  • Jr Dragster (ages 7-17): Entry Fee – $25 / Buyback $10 – See IHRA rulebook for complete rules on Jr. Dragsters.

Time Trials / Reaction Time Challenge

  • Time Trials start two hours after gates open.
  • We will have 2 time trials per class.  (1 in each lane)
  • For time trials, lanes 1, 3, &5 will run in the left lane and lanes 2, 4, &6 will run in the right lane.
  • The second time trial will also be the Reaction Time Challenge. 
  • For a $10 entry fee, with 100% of the entries being paid out, the driver with the best reaction time is the winner.

Track Points Program

  • The cost to enter the track points is $25. You do not have to be signed up for points to race.
  • For your points to count towards the Summit Super Series and to be eligible for the IHRA Team Finals team, you must  have a current IHRA Membership and SSS "X" Number (which needs to be displayed on your car when competing at SSS events. SSS points do not acrue until your "X" number is displayed on your car.  More information can be found here.
  • Registration forms will be available in the tower at all SSS events.
  • Completed registration forms and money should be turned into the office as soon as possible.
  • You get 25 show up points, and 10 points for each round you win.
  • You must take the tree in the first round of eliminations to earn points.
  • Buyback rounds earn half points.

Bye Runs

  • Bye Runs will be based on best reaction time.  Round 1 Bye will be based on Time Trial #2.
  • If a driver has already had a bye it will go to the next person. 
  • Competition Byes do not count.

Buy Backs

  • Buy Backs will be allowed in 1st or 2nd Round. 
  • You will pay your buy back fee in Tech immediately after you have been eliminated.
  • Buy Backs will not be accepted once final call has been made for the next round.

Class Call Ups/Lane Choice

  • Classes will be called up into the lanes in run order. (TOP/MOD/JR)
  • There will be two call ups – first call and final call.  There will be 5 minutes between each call.
  • The round will start 10 minutes after final call or once all competitors have arrived, whichever comes first.
  • During eliminations we will draw cards to determine lanes.
  • If someone is pulled for a Bye Run and there is an even number of cars they will have lane choice.

Pay Outs/Winner’s Circle

  • Pay Outs will be made in the office once all class finals have been run.
  • “Winner’s Circle” photos will be taken under the flag pole near the starting line on the return road.
  • Please, if you are the class winner, immediately following your win, pull over onto the concrete pad under the flag pole, have your team join you, and we will take a quick photo. 

 All events will follow the IHRA Rules and Regulations for competition.  An IHRA Rule Book is located in the tower.  You can also look it up online at www.ihra.com . 

Dial-Ins : It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure their dial-in is correct BEFORE moving up into the water box.  The dial-in is displayed on a board in the water box area.  Once the driver moves into the water box they have accepted the dial-in, right or wrong.

Staging : After proper staging and receiving the starter's signal to go, it is not allowable to re-stage for a second attempt. To be considered a round winner, the competitors final staging motion, using vehicles applied power, must be in a forward motion going from pre-stage to stage position.  Once the vehicle is staged it is considered in the race.